Why Choose Free Data Recovery Software of Stellar ( Review )

Data loss is a common occurrence, which can happen due to software or hardware failure, human errors, virus or malware infections, and natural disasters, etc.

As per the stats shared by Iron Mountain & Clutch,

Data loss has increased by 400% since 2012 and more than 140,000 hard drives crashes in the United States alone every week.

Data loss largely occurs due to the logical issues caused by virus/malware infections, improper drive ejection, accidental file deletion, and drive formatting, etc.

Though a well-scheduled and maintained backup can help recover from any data loss scenario, most individuals and businesses never create a backup in the first place!

Therefore, it’s recommended to have a data recovery software for additional layer of protection from data loss, besides taking routine backup of data. But it’s important to understand the right data software—among the sea of choices—before trying out one, for the obvious reason that you can’t afford to lose data or its integral form.

So, in this post, we discuss a free data recovery software from Stellar, why you should give it a try, and the need to stay away from the run of the mill varieties of free data recovery software available on the internet.

Why Choose Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition?

Unlike other free data recovery software, the free edition of Stellar Data Recovery hosts several advanced features to salvage your data from most common data loss situations. Here’re a few of them—

  1. Absolutely free. Unblocked access to all features. Free data recovery up to 1 GB


  1. Free data recovery software to recover data from HDD, SSD, USB thumb drive, or SD card
  2. Deep scan for data recovery from formatted or severely corrupt drives/volumes.
  3. Restores photos, videos, documents, emails, contacts, and compressed folders in 300+ file types by default.
  4. The Stellar data Recovery free edition allows you save up to 1 GB of scanned data.


  1. Trusted Download Source

The software is readily available; you can download the software in just one simple click from a secure download server maintained by Stellar Data Recovery

  1. Quick and Easy 3-Step Recovery

Intuitive, user-friendly interface to facilitate data recovery in just 3-simple steps, as follows:

  1. Select what to recover—documents, folders, emails, photos, audio, or video
  2. Select location—a particular folder, Connected drive volume or missing partition
  3. Select the recoverable files listed after the scan and save at your desired location

Search, sort, and filter options to locate and recover files quickly. If you remember the file name, use the search bar and then sort the scan or search results based on the ‘File Type’, ‘Tree Structure’ or list ‘Deleted Files’.

Further, you can filter the results based on ‘File Name’, ‘Size’, ‘Creation Date’ and ‘Modification Date.’

4.      Scan Now, Recover Later

No need to worry about shortage of storage space or the time required for scan and recovery. The Save Scan option allows to save the scan information and load it later to resume the recovery process as per user convenience.

5.     File Overwrite Protection

The software allows to save the recoverable files at desired location, but at the same time avoids it from being saved on the same drive/volume from where it was retrieved. This prevents accidental overwriting of the deleted files.

6.     24*5 Customer Support

Stellar Data Recovery free version comes with 24*5 customer support, available via chat, email, or direct call to help with data recovery requirements at each step.


While there are a number of free data recovery tools available in the market, you need to be more cautious while choosing the suitable one. Every data loss situation has a different data recovery need and approach. Therefore, using ‘just any’ data recovery software can be disastrous, and is something we never recommend.

Check the source as well as the experts behind the software before downloading or using a free data recovery software to recover your lost data. The Internet is full of malware and thus you need to be more cautious than ever.

In this regard, the free data recovery software from Stellar is highly recommended. It comes from a reliable and trusted source, and offers several advanced data recovery features to recover from most data loss situations.

Moreover, the free edition is a fully functional data recovery software that can recover up to 1 GB of lost or deleted data from a formatted or corrupt Windows supported storage media.

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