Which Bike Do You Prefer – Single or Multiple Speed?

Bike culture is the one that is making a comeback in the society again. It is here again for the good of the society. The bikes are the ones that have reclaimed their places by beating out the commuter congestions and providing an eco-friendly atmosphere to the users. This keeps the commuters in good health and shape.

It was a long time ago in the good old golden days when only the single speed bikes were the ones on road with the similar designs. Gratitude to those simple designs that made the purchasing easier for the customers. At that time, there was not much demand in the market for the Scott Genius Bikes. Customers used to check out the height, color, and the size of the bikes and purchase them as per their comfort. There were bikes like full suspension bikes, single speed bikes, multiple speed bikes, hardtail bikes and so on.

However, same is the case with the Svott Genius bikes. The terrain and the comfort should be your first priority whenever you are selecting the bikes as per your comfort. So, whenever it comes to cycling, balance and control, the bike’s ability and the shock absorbent capacity is the one that defines up the comfort the bike provides to the customers. There are different types of bikes with different specifications. All the factors together make the bikes an ideal selection to be purchased for the particular terrain.

There are basically two types of bikes –

Single Speed Bike – The name of this bike conveys everything. This is one such bike that has only one gear. It takes you out of the street that is clogged up with the cars. It is one such bike that is simple and affordable too. The single gear will not leave any option whenever it comes to the pedaling ratios. This bike will provide with the breaking option only. There are also no shifters in this bike. You will have no option to adjust up to the pedaling easily or the ride downhill safely. This bike will take you wherever you want to go and this is applicable only on a short terrain. With these bikes, the cyclist doesnot have to deal with the complicated design or the weight of the multi-speed bike. It is a bike that is less expensive as compared to the multi gear bikes. A bike with a fixed gear is another option if you want a non-multispeed bike for yoruself. Here you will require only pedaling on the flat terrain. The wheels on the bike are directly tied up with the pedals.

Multi-speed Bike- There’s no doubt in mind that you will buy a bike which requires riding on the wilderness or the hilly trails. With these bikes, you can easily control the speed of the bike whenever you are riding downhill. You can easily adjust to the chain.  With the multi speed bikes, you can set up the gears low or high depending on the direction you want to go. Even if you are on  tricky terrain, Scott Genius Bikes are going to help you a lot.


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