What to ask when choosing an LED sign?

Getting an LED sign, people often confuse themselves with a number of different things. If you are among the individuals that don’t know much about it, then things would be fairly easy for the salesperson as they will be able to trap you and sell you something that may not fit your requirements. Also, individuals like to shop online and websites like www.ledopensigns.comhave a lot to offer to you. But before you get your sign, here are a few questions you must ask.

Is setup easy?

Start off by talking about the setup of the lights. These include the setting up of the LED board at the place you would like as well as having it up and running with the content that you want to be displayed. Some of the boards come with default setting and are static i.e. they are made the way they are and now you can’t change them. Regardless of whichever you have, the setup should be easy and must not take more than a few minutes from you.

Supportive software and its security?

For the LED boards that are dynamic, there is usually a supportive software given to individuals who are looking to use it. This is to assure that users can change the content of the LED boards as per their liking. However, the problem is that there are hackers all around and you won’t wish your electronic boards to be hijacked and displaying a message that you don’t like. Thus, software should be secure enough that your board can’t be hijacked.

What about multiple users?

There are shops where individuals look up to giving the charge of LED signs to various users for numerous reasons. When you come across this problem, there are numerous ways LED sign makers address it. Certain individuals allow you to create multiple users for the software so that you know who manipulated the sign last time and what changes were made. On the other hand, you have LED signs that would come with a single remote which has to be used by everyone who wishes to make a change to its content.

Any option for message scheduling?

There are times when you wish to schedule a message on a certain occasion. It might be like you are on holidays and an event comes in between and you are looking to schedule a message for that. Or maybe simply it is because things are easy for you as you can type the content and messages in your spare time and schedule it to be shown later. Whatever the reason is, the scheduling of message is a decent option and preferred by several individuals so you may wish to look for that when getting an LED sign.

Is content creation easy?

People who get dynamic LED signs are always looking to frequently update the content. So, if the content creation is lengthy and tough, it will become irritating. Therefore, always opt for the signs and software which make it easy for you to change the content of the boards.


So, these are certain questions that you can ask when getting an led sign. Do note that it depends on the type of sign that you get from www.ledopensigns.com or any other manufacturer when it comes to what features are available. Thus, choose wisely.


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