Voice and Light Alarm Device Improves our Home Safety Effectively

Guidance: in order to further improve the training effect of simulation training, the teaching and playback system of a simulator is designed and developed by using the intelligent recordable sound button. The system uses the means of speech recognition, sound intensity detection, speech synthesis and data recording to complete the real-time recording and playback of the operation process, and has achieved good training effect. The system can also be applied to portable devices, and has broad application prospects.

In the smart home brand project, the most popular project is this kind of sound and light alarm. This kind of alarm is generally used in the home, when in danger, the light alarm device will be detected by the red light, and flickering all the way. The sound alarm device is not idle, it will make sharp noises to arouse the attention of the surrounding people. Faced with such a situation, how can¡¯t the thieves be scared? And do not worry, even if he is not afraid, there will be the police officer coming in a moment.

Because the Voice and light alarm device is not only an alarm that causes the people around, but it is indeed an alarm. When it monitors the unusual situation, it automatically calls the alarm phone. Compared with the common anti-theft door, it not only plays an anti-theft protection property, but also can play the role of the alarm, and truly reduce the number of larceny for our society. For such an alarm, in the smart home brand franchise, it is a lot of franchisees are willing to choose. Some of the franchisees are interested in such a product, so they will choose to join in the smart home brand. Sound and light alarm installed in the home can effectively improve our home safety. When the thieves have not succeeded in breaking the last line of the home defense, the thieves have been successfully scared away, or the residents surrounding and the police have come to the scene and let the thieves have no way to steal.

The Voice and light alarm device is connected with other security facilities. There is a separate line from the security facilities. The smart home brand has set up a special project for it to make its sales patterns and channels varied, so as to better provide better products for people. Our home security, not only rely on ordinary security facilities and play a protective role, the best or able to install voice and light alarm device, so that our home security set an inviolable line of defense, and cannot easily overstep the line of defense.

In our home safety, we always rely on smart home device, so the project of smart home brand will be so popular. Because this reveals what kind of demand there will be, and what kind of supplies there will be. And this is the core content in the sales industry. Voice and light alarm device can protect our home safety. It is a recommendable product.


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