The chief financial officer duty involves administration, financial and managing risks of the company, statistics linked with the strategy which includes the development of functional and operational strategy.Monitoring of control systems which are designed to preserve the assets of the company and reporting accurate financial results is also their duty.As banking industry is growing at faster pace in Middle East, Oman being part of this offers ample amount of job opportunities to the job seekers. A job in Oman for fresher and experienced candidates is in great demand especially in financial sector.

Responsibilities of

  • Monitoring and directing the strategic plans requiredfor the growth of the business
  • Coordinating with the audit
  • e. preparing annual budget of the organizations as per the guidelines of the banks
  • Financial analysis which involves analyzing balance sheet. Analyzing profit and loss accounts of the banks as well as the individuals
  • Monitoring of expenses and asset management.

Career prospects

  1. Jobs in finance & accounts
  2. Banking industry
  3. Insurance industry
  4. Financial sector

How to get jobs?

Preparing a curriculum vitae or resume is the first step towards getting jobs in Oman.

There are different methods via which one can get jobs in Oman:

  • Referrals- which may come from the people you know, this method can land you in a job without actually searching for the job
  • Networking – social networking websites for example Twitter can land you in a dream job.
  • Job fairs
  • Job portals like Monstergulf, Indeed, Bayt, LinkedIn etc and many more which are leading job portals in Oman to get jobs.

Essential qualification to get chief financial officer jobs in Oman which are:

  1. A candidate must possess bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or economics or accounting or finance
  2. However the requirements may vary from company to company
  3. Experience in the same field or in same position may add an extra edge to get high salary package.

Apart from the educational qualifications there are skills which a CFO must have in addition. The skills are:

  • Problem solving capability
  • Leadership skills
  • Must be good in financial accounting, cash management
  • A CFO must be willing to work long hours.

Why Oman?

There are some benefits linked with working in Oman over other nations:

  1. Oman is a beautiful country with amazing scenery and attractive tourist destination spots
  2. Oman offers tax free income to its residents and expats just like any other Middle Eastern country
  3. Cost of living in Oman is comparatively less as compared to other middle east nations
  4. Exciting infrastructure and construction projects offering ample amount of jobs in Oman to the job seekers
  5. Accommodation is usually provided by the employers and if that is not the case the company pays the allowances to spend on rent
  6. As there are large expat population and number of social clubs where expats can join to meet new people and make new friends
  7. Low crime rate
  8. Driving is cheap for those who love to travel and explore new places as fuel and car is relatively cheap.

We can say that there are large numbers of advantages apart from the above mentioned ones which a candidate can consider in getting jobs in Oman.

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