Stay Ahead Of The Crowd With Cutting Edge Sync

Being ahead of the game comes naturally to DataBagg since the perfect and timely synchronization of data requires the latest in peer to peer protocols as well as the strictest security safeguards. Technology aside, the core intent of our organization is to maintain a healthy lead when it comes to data synchronization, and we do all that is necessary to increase that lead over the competition by incorporating the latest technology as and when it becomes viable.

Apart from developing in-house software that forms that backbone of our data synchronization structure, the talent we have garnered into the team operates the best hardware in the most efficient way possible, delivering an always-on, reliable data service that leaves all others trailing way back in the distance.

DataBagg Leads The Way

Data synchronization has been in vogue ever since the internet started to become a playground for malware developers and hackers who will try and access data with malicious intent. While the prudent way to deal with the many threats that surround online as well as offline data is to install firewalls and antivirus software to counter the threats at the outset, there are always new ways that nefarious elements will find to get around the protection and hold you ransom for your precious data.

DataBagg incorporates such firewalls and industry grade antivirus and antispyware software as the first line of defense and upgrades security further by following intensive and instant data synchronization protocols. The whole point of maintaining synced data on DataBagg servers is to ensure you are no longer in any danger of being compromised by criminal programmers, or hackers as we generally know them.

The concerns about security increase when you travel with your data stored on portable devices like laptops and smartphones. The loss of any of these is a frequent occurrence, no matter how much we try to be careful. In such events of loss or theft, you are left stranded in more ways than one. In fact, electronic devices such as those mentioned are among the top things officials at airports and transport hubs have to place in the ‘lost and found’ cordon. Using data synchronization saves you that hurried trip to lost and found by letting you access your data from other devices while you continue to do your business, and then claim your lost device upon your return.

Automatically Update Your Data From Other Places And Devices

To make the best of these kind of unfortunate situations you might find yourself in, DataBagg has the option of enabling auto sync, which means that all the changes you might have made in the time you did not have your primary device will reflect in the updated DataBagg server when you next log in from that device. This comes in real handy when you have to reflect your client’s wishes and revert to them in the fastest time possible. Talk about maintaining your reputation! At DataBagg, this is the kind of eventuality we prepare for, so that your professional growth never has to take a back seat to data loss.

Any changes you make in your files that are earmarked for data synchronization while you are offline will reflect in the server space as soon as you connect next, ensuring that your flight time does not go unproductively. With the global nature of business as it stands today, the work done during transit downtime can set you apart from the hoi polloi, boosting your image and putting you on cloud nine!

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