Safety Tips To Travel Through Mexico By Car

Finally, it’s time to materialize your vacation plan. You think that you are all prepared for your trip to Mexico. You have packed your beach gear and your car’s audio system is spinning your favorite playlist. Everything sounds fine and you are ready for the trip to Mexico. However, are you sure? Your trip to the south of the border may or may not be fun and exciting. Don’t you want to make sure that you can safely reach your destination? In case you don’t know, there are many cases of carjacking reported in the border region. Newer and larger vehicles are the prime targets for criminals.

Apart from that, you might end up handcuffed in one of the Mexican jails if you are traveling without Mexican auto insurance. Here are some safety tips for you:

Always drive during the daylight

It is not safe to drive on isolated roads at night. Violence is pretty common on these roads during night hours. So, always avoid remote and isolated roads. Drive between two cities during daylight hours. Always use toll roads when you drive in Mexico. Safety is more important than fun and excitement.

Always double check your speedometer

There are some speed limits in Mexico as well. There is a difference between speed limits in the US and Mexico. Here in the US, speed limits are in miles per hour. However, in Mexico, it is in kilometers per hour. For example, if the speed limit is 100 km/h, this is approximately equal to 60 mph. So, drive at the speed of 55 mph or 90 km/h. This is a tempting speed but don’t ignore your safety on the road. Always drive below the speed limit.

Always carry the right insurance

Your auto insurance policy is legal in the US only, not in Mexico. And, you should also remember that your US insurer is not going to cover any of the collision claims covered in Mexico. Here comes the scary part. You might get arrested without the right insurance. The authorities can also prevent you from departing the country. Even when you need some life-saving medical care, the authority will not allow you to leave the country. To avoid spending some time in jail, find one of the best Mexican auto insurance companies, learn about Mexican auto insurance cost and buy the right Mexican auto insurance.

Keep your eyes out for cyclists and pedestrians                      

Bike traffic and pedestrian are pretty common throughout Latin America. You should be careful while driving as raised crosswalks, speed bumps and refuge islands are not that common.

Always carry your documentation

Although it is needless to ask, are you carrying your passport? When you are crossing the border into Mexico, you may not need your password. However, when you are returning home, you will need your passport. Even when you are a US citizen, you need to show your passport and other travel documents before you enter the United States. You can visit the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs to find more details about documents.

If you are carrying all the documents and driving safely, this trip is going to be the greatest adventure. Make sure that you are not traveling without Mexican auto insurance.

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