Resources For Preparation For Exams

Preparation For Exams

Education helps you find clarity in life and fetches you the ideal career you wish to get. With repetitive practice and vigorous preparation, achieving excellence in any desired field won’t be difficult. There are many study materials which lend a helping hand during preparation like NCERT solutions for class 9 Science along with sample questions to practice for students of class 9 and similarly, for various classes. Below we have provided some effective ways which will help you with the preparation of exams.


With repetition, whether it comes to practicing problems or understanding a difficult concept, doing it, again and again, will help in retention. Students put countless hours in studies reading, along with that, they keep track of the important notes in their class syllabus. Of course, reading thoroughly is helpful but practicing repeatedly is the key to remember vast topics and concepts. Keeping notes of the topics covered when you read along is also advisable.

Doubt Clarification

Clarifying the doubt then and there is the best way to understand things when it comes to preparation. We usually see students asking doubts to the teacher all the time. So start asking questions whether those are related to your course or out of that.  While solving the NCERT solutions of various classes, students may have some small doubts with respect to a particular problem of that particular subject, and asking and clarifying it right away will be very helpful to get clarity in the subject.


It is advisable that while reading about a particular topic, repeating it to a fellow friend or student, will help you in remembering the topic. It means you can pretty much learn anything by explaining it to someone else in a more simple manner, the topics can arise while going through the class materials or the homework which has been assigned to students. Reading and explaining it to somebody else, helped a lot of them in a more effective manner.

These were some proven methods for effective preparation when it comes to exam time or the regular practice of course studies.


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