Pros vs. Cons of Airbrush Tanning

Pros vs. Cons of Airbrush Tanning

Tanning is the thing to do! Each year, thousands of people flock to beaches all across the world. Some things that many people do on the beach consist of swimming, relaxing, playing in the sand, and even tanning. Now, before you decide if tanning at the beach is right for you, here are some quick Pros Vs. Cons about another type of tanning: Airbrush Tanning. Afterwards, you may come to a conclusion that Airbrush Tanning is the better alternative.


The number one pro about Airbrush Tanning is that in conclusion it is much safer. In traditional tanning, you are putting yourself at risk with getting sunburned. Not only can you get a sunburn, but you can also get cancer. Even If you haven’t gotten cancer, your skin is still not going to look great. In fact, your skin would look horrible and the tan that was supposed to be beneficial is now actually harmful.

Another pro is that with Airbrush Tanning, the tanning process is much quicker than a traditional UV treatment. Airbrush Tanning only takes about 10 minutes total from start to finish! All the while, traditional tanning could take over an hour.


Even though Airbrush Tanning is less risky than traditional tanning, there are still some risks involved. Some risks include the chemicals in the spray reacting to your skin in giving you an allergic reaction. Other risks include but not limited to, “severe headaches, nausea, and dizziness.” (AOL Staff, 2017) Even though the risks are there, again, it is still safer than traditional means. Remember not all solutions are created equal. There are some formulas designed for sensitive skin types.

Traditional tanning by UV rays lasts longer than Airbrush Tanning. In fact, traditional tanning can last for up to 10 days without maintenance while Airbrush tanning lasts for about 4 days and requires maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, to keep the results of your tan looking fresh, it is required to get continuously get treatment once per week to keep the glow.

Airbrush tanning does have both pros and cons and it’s better to know all of them before making a decision to get an airbrush tan. Maybe after seeing this, it will help you decide which tanning is right for you. Each treatment has its own benefits. If you want to go the safer route, then airbrush tanning is the route to go. If you want to keep your tan longer than the traditional UV tanning is the route to go. If you want to have a natural tan, then the UV treatment is the way to go, but if you want a tan that looks perfect, then the airbrush tan is the better option! Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the benefits and even some of the risks involved with each method and can decide which is right for you!

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