Process of Getting the Permanent Resident Status of Canada

Canadian immigration permanent resident

As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, lots of people come to visit Canada. There are many students who visit Canada for studying in various colleges and universities. Every year, many people come to live in Canada for various reasons. From all of these people, the ones who stay in Canada has to apply for the permanent residentship. here is given the process for getting the permanent resident visa for Canada.

What is the Canada permanent resident visa?

A person who is holding the permanent residency visa in Canada, may not be a Canadian citizen but has been given the authority to live in Canada after immigration. Most of the students or the workers migrated from other country came for a certain purpose, is not a permanent resident of Canada. A permanent resident has a proof indicating the PR card, that the immigrant is a Canadian citizen.

Benefits of having the permanent residency in Canada

There are several benefits of being a permanent resident in Canada. Such as,

  •     You can live, study and work in Canada.
  •     You can also apply for the Canadian citizenship
  •     You can get the enmities like all others, Canadian citizens. These include healthcare, insurance etc.
  •     You are protected by the Canadian law and as being the citizen, you have the basic rights and freedoms too.
Documents that are required to apply for the Canadian citizenship

To get the Canadian immigration permanent resident status, you need to fill up certain documents.

  •     You must have sufficient amount of fund and proof of the fund.
  •     If you’re coming for educational purposes, then you need to show the Educational Credential Assessment
  •     You have to bring all the educational certificates related to your education.
  •     Documents for the skills of the assessment test.
  •     Additional the fees
  •     Other documents if required any.
The ways to get PR in Canada

There are lots of different programs and categories available, under which if you apply, you can get permanent residence in Canada. Some of the programmes included are,

Skilled immigrants programme

The most common and the best way to get the pr visa Canada is the skilled immigrant’s programme. The workers who are in the skilled category are chosen on their way to settle in Canada. These are the profile factors on which the skilled persons are selected,

  •     Education
  •     Work experience
  •     English language skills
  •     Age
  •     Other factors
Express entry system

This is a new system that has been launched in the month of January 2015. This is the system to make the skilled person immigration process simpler. According to the system, the applicant must fill the online form, which includes the test scores of TOEFL, educational credentials assessment, and work experience if any. After submitting all these, the form can be submitted. The process is totally free of cost.

If you’re a self-employed person

If you’re a businessman and want to settle down in Canada, then you can apply here for the permanent residence ship.

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