Popular Certifications for Blockchain Technology?

If you are planning a career in blockchain technologies, then do you know that apart from the regular courses in blockchain technology you need to have blockchain certifications from reputed blockchain certification institutes? Since there is a deluge of blockchain technology courses and companies that are mushrooming these days it is advisable to choose wisely so that your course and certification is recognized by the blockchain technology companies.

What Are Blockchain Technologies?

In order to understand blockchain technologies, let’s us first understand what blockchain is. The blockchain is essentially a decentralized and shared online ledger that keeps records of all the transactions in the financial industry like bitcoins. Blockchain technology has transactions that are digitally signed, with a timestamp to retain the authenticity and integrity of the transaction.

Why is it Important to Go forRecognized Blockchain Certifications?

While there are few online academies that offer blockchain courses and certifications, if you want a certification that should add value to your resume then you need to go for the blockchain certifications by reputed institutes like Council of Blockchain America or CBCA.

As a certified blockchain technology professional you will always have an edge over the others both while getting the job or getting that promotion. That apart, a certification from a reputed institute always act as a credential to all your skills as a blockchain technology professional. So how do you decide which blockchain certification is the right one for you? Simple by following these criteria.

  1. Reputed Certification Institute: While choosing a certification course do keep in mind the importance of where you are getting the certification form. Why you may ask. Well, because if the certification is not from a renowned institute it may not hold that much weight in the eyes of the prospective employer.
  2. Recognized and connected with top bitcoin technology companies: The certification institute should be well recognized and connected with top bitcoin technology companies so that there is an easy placement post the certifications.
  3. The certification should cover most advanced practices in the industry: There is no point in doing a certification course that does not cover most advanced practices in the industry. It will be like obtaining a free certification from the courses that are available on the internet, which anyone can avail.

Some of the certifications institutes you may check out include

  1. Central Blockchain Council of America: CBCA is quite renowned for Blockchain Certifications and offer four major certifications – BBP or Business Blockchain Professional, BPS or Business Blockchain Specialist, ABE or Associate Blockchain Engineer, and SBE or Senior Blockchain Engineer. Each of these certifications from CBCA are well-recognized in the industry and highly respected by professionals.
  2. Imarticus Blockchain Certifications: Imarticus is another institution from where you can get your blockchain certification, however, there is a prerequisite for finishing the course.
  3. Eureka Blockchain Certifications: Eureka is another institute you can get your blockchain certifications post completing your online course on blockchain offered by them. However, there are no separate certifications.


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