A New Europaeum Scholars Program for European Universities

Europe as a continent is undergoing a lot of uneasiness and developments whose results are not known as of now. If you know what we are talking about, we might just be on the common page. There is Brexit to happen soon and socio-political issues like human trafficking, regional separatism, and major youth unemployment are already the major concern affecting the continent. But Europe, a great continent that it has always been is never to be bogged down by cross-cultural upheavals and any mass voting.

To resolve various issues plaguing the European continent, European universities have come together in a new of its kind program started by Europeaum. Most of the great universities in Europe are a part of this movement. Under this program, the European universities seek to educate and orientate future leaders to address the problems of Europe. The leaders are tied to the Scholars Program and it is meant specifically for postgraduate researchers who are already in their doctoral studies in the stream of social sciences, European studies, and humanities.

The great universities in Europe which are joining hands to come under this flagship program of Europeaum are: Charles University, Prague, Complutense University of Madrid, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, University of Helsinki, Jagiellonian University, Leiden University, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, University of Oxford, University of Luxembourg, University of St. Andrews, Pantheon-Sorbonne University, and Pompeu Fabra University.

The founding members of scholars program are the University of Oxford; the Institute of Political Studies, Lisbon; the Central European University, Budapest; and the University of Luxembourg. Apart from Brexit, the great universities in Europe which are founding members of this program had other uprisings in mind like Germany, Catalonia disputes, and Greece and Portugal related migration issues threatening to tear apart the fabrics of Europe.

The key benefits the program offers its students are rich experience in three universities or more working apart from the home university one is from, standing out in the already over-saturated job industry with an experience and study only a few have, introduction to the complete world of problem-solving, understanding politics and its dynamic effect on social and economic conditions of the continent. It adds a plethora of skills like negotiating skills, presentation skills, media relations, and teamwork in order to sort contemporary issues of economic deprivation and refugees seeking residence.

The program is a two-year study with 8 different modules and there will be a handful of students pursuing it. To be exact-30. The program is a brainchild of the Balliol College, Oxford former master Andrew Graham after the European referendum tilted towards Brexit. It could not have been any perfect timing for starting this program than now as Europaeum as an association is completing 25 years.

The program seeks to filter the best students with exceptional command on English language, great qualifications in school and graduation, and the person must have been following and wanting to be pursuing public good as a principle of his/her life.

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