Most Compelling Reasons to Have 9apps on Your Smartphone


Many people have a doubt regarding 9apps download as Google play store works well in all manners. Of course, Google play store renders you tons of applications and games at one destination. However, people in the current generation look for something new and innovative. This is where 9apps comes into play and getting more popular among the users throughout the world. If you have not still convinced to have 9apps on your device, then read the post completely.

Reasons to download 9apps for android

The 9apps is specially designed by the team of well experienced and qualified developers’ team. Therefore, you need not to worry about any virus and malware. In fact, it is recommended to download any applications directly from the 9apps store. Additionally, you will enjoy the safe and secure download.

App size is another important reason for downloading 9apps for Android. Actually, it takes only 3.5MB from your device storage. Along with this, it allows you to save the application and can backup it easily without any hassles. This single app gives you a freedom of exploring around 1+lakhs application and games under one roof.

Having a better internet connection will assist you to download any apps you want easily and quickly. Since the app consumes less memory space, you need notface any memory problem like Google play store. Likewise, your mobile will never run slowly. On the other hand, the innovative and exciting features of 9apps make users love this app very much.

Interesting features of the 9apps play store

9apps play store is highly compatible and can be used easily with all versions of android devices. This means if you have android device OS 4.0.1 or above, you will not face any trouble and disappointment. After download 9apps on your smartphone, you need to restart the device to enable everything properly for smooth app use.

This play store is extremely light as it is 3.4MB in size. It will never occupy more space in your android device. As it is the lightweight app, the user will never experience any crash. On the other side, the app has the greatest number of games, apps, and several things like other play stores. Actually, it offers many aspects that others failed to provide.

This play store uses smart technology in order to keep the track of users. It will assist you to forward you to your desired app as you look for it. It is actually done perfectly according to your search history. In addition, it gives some user recommendation based on your search history and interests.

Everyone knows that you need a Google account for using Google play store to download any apps from it. However, 9apps break this rule and render a space for the users freely search and download this favorite application without any registration and login. Additionally, you need not to pay a single penny for using premium apps.

Now, you will understand the reasons to download 9apps in your smartphone apart from having Google play store.

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