An Introduction to Bunk beds

What are bunk beds?

Bunk bed –  as the name suggests are kind of beddings which has a stacked system or a stacked arrangement of mattresses. Since the mattresses are kept in such a way as to lie on a flat surface which is known as the bunkie board, that allows the bed frame to get stacked on the other. It does not need a spring or a box to hold the former together. But in few cases it is surrounded with a number of rails.

Nature of the bunk beds :

 Bunk beds are designed to facilitate the sleeping arrangement of more than a single person or even more than two people too, as in metal bunk beds with trundle. In a single room it saves a lot of blocked space. These are mainly found in the army garrison or the ship where it frees up a lot of space for activities and also in hostel rooms, cabins in summer camps,  in prison cells or even dormitories. These help by maximizing the area of the floor for further activities.

Beds are formed by the support given by four pillars or poles, each at the four corner points of the bed. Some are designed with the ladder system which helps to climb to the upper deck easily. However the bed both on the upper and lower decks are surrounded by railings that will eventually prevent the sleeper from tumbling down unconsciously while sleeping. And again fewer ones also are provided with curtains to keep privacy but they mostly are found in the lower decks. Next in the line comes the loft bed that has a good elevation quite similar as in the case of a bunk bed, but they have much lower beds only to maximize the space on the floor.

Safety measures for the use of bunk beds for children

Of course, the first essential measure will be, not allowing children under six years of  age to sleep on the upper bunk and  if allowed they should be kept under a careful watch. Check out several kids bunk beds trundle online.

Secondly, the wooden bunk beds are quite heavy, hence you cannot easily move it to wipe the floor underneath. Also, watch out if your child tries to do so playfully.

Thirdly, a proper cleaning schedule must be followed. Cleaning and dusting the mattress regularly will keep bugs and infections at bay.

Fourthly, as your child grows his activities increase. Parents should be alert when they ride on the topmost bunk to avoid risk of tumbling down.

Finally, pay attention to the height of the ladder while buying bunk beds with stairs for smaller kids. Also, consider the height of the bunk beds while buying. Almost all kids are restless by nature. Keep careful watch on them as they can reach out to the ceiling fan or lights quite easily from the topmost bunk.

Having a bunk bed in a room can free floor space. It can then be effectively utilized to keep other furniture. It will make your room look more neat and orderly.

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