Indian Analytics Workforce Needs Heavy Re-Skilling

A recent survey by NASSCOM predicts that 40% of the IT workforce will need to re-skill in order to keep the industry functional. Most of the up-skilling will take place in the analytics departments. Learning to deal with AI and Machine learning is becoming a necessity for the analytics workers. We are moving towards a different commercial world where these aspects of technology can no longer be ignored. Some problems are existent in the talent market of today’s India. The students graduating from various tech-universities are often misled and misguided regarding what they should learn and what they should expect from the market.

Obsession with traditional technologies:

Students are often led to learn JAVA and dot NET because the mass recruiters are a using these languages for maintaining various projects and mainframe computers. What needs to be realized is that just learning these may not help you secure a job after graduating. From what we have seen in the last two years, we must understand that mass recruitment is gradually becoming history. A bunch of companies cannot keep on taking in new recruits each and every year. These companies can afford to take you in, train you for 3-4 months before it starts getting real work from your part. But if you are not picked by them, and you have to find out a job for yourself out in the market – it is better to know more than what was taught in the college.

Learn Python if you are doubtful

I have seen people spend sleepless nights waiting for a job opportunity; I have also seen recruiters spend nervous hours, anxious to get the right talent for the company. The Indian tech industry is evolving fast and neither the employers nor the employees seem to be keeping up with the rapid expansion. Python can solve the problems of a lot of job-seekers. If you have a computer science background, an excellent Python data science course may be just the push you need to get going. Let us see why?

  • Python is the fastest to grow in popularity among both coders and employers yet India has a very scanty number of Python programmers.
  • It is easy to learn and contains immense potential no matter what industry you are working in.
  • Python is open source and gets refurbished more often than most other open source platforms.
  • Most importantly you get a job if you are good with Python programming.

You are allowed with a lot of creative freedom while it also gets your job done with more efficiency. Python is the best gift that the data science professionals have had.

Never stop learning.

So, you have secured a decent job and you have somewhat mastered the language you are supposed to work in. Can you relax now? Of course you can and why not make learning new skills a hobby for the leisure time? If you are going to be in the data science industry you must know that it is changing too fast. You cannot stop learning. You got to be prepared for the next trend.

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