Importance of SAS Training In Today’s World

SAS is the acronym for software which was formerly known as Statistical Analysis System. It was created in the early 1970’s, but gained popularity in the current decade. It is created and marketed by the SAS Institute and has emerged as the market leader in data analytics.

SAS helps churn large amount of data into relevant knowledge, which help the corporate organisations make profitable decisions and race ahead amongst the stiff competition. It helps in providing fresh perspective through innovative methods of analytics, business intelligence, multivariate and predictive analysis. Thus, even though, there are several software available in the market, SAS has consistently emerged as the market leader over the years.

Need for SAS training

You may know your way with SAS, but it is necessary to obtain a formal SAS training from any reputed institute. There are several top institutes available in the technical city of India, Bangalore.

  • SAS certification gives you industry validation.
  • Increases your credibility with the employers.
  • The trainings are job role focussed, helps you in real world placements.
  • SAS skills are highly coveted in around the globe, thus providing you with vast chances.

Get a college degree, it is preferred if you have one in computer science or statistics or mathematics. Then opt for a reputed SAS training institute, if you get an advanced training, it will increase your chances among your peers. If you have some industry experiences, your resume will look much better.

Career options in SAS

The average salary for SAS programmers is around 4.5- 5 lacs INR annually. The pay scale increases with years of experience. Top employers in India are

  • Cognizant
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Accenture
  • IBM

There are more companies.

Apart from IT, SAS is used in various other industries like

  • Automotive
  • Banking- helps in gaining comprehensive view of risk.

Also helps adopt and integrated risk management, by extracting and validating all related data.

  • Health care – helps in ensuring drug safety and efficacy. Improves manufacturing process, sales and marketing

Developing advanced health care facilities.

  • Communications
  • Consumer goods & Manufacturing
  • Media-helps predict audience interest

-optimized scheduling of media streams

-content monetization

-effective advertisement targeting

  • Sports-helps in personalized fan campaigning

-transparent access to data


So, there is plethora of opportunities for SAS trained individuals.


SAS is the top choice for Multinational companies as well as medium to small scale ones. There are other data analytics tools like R and Python, but though easier to use and open sourced yet for its manoeuvrability, GI interface and top notch security, SAS has remained the market leader.

Bangalore is the technical hub of India, thus there are many prominent and top class SAS training institutes in Bangalore. Get enrolled in one that best suites your needs and be ready to give a flying start to your career. Whether, a fresher or looking for a career change, SAS is the way to go. It is here to stay for a long time.

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