How to Know Whether Your Child Is In Need Of Tuition

How to Know Whether Your Child Is In Need Of Tuition

Most parents usually tend to struggle with reaching a final decision on whether their child needs tuition or not. As a matter of fact, most children could do with a little bit of help in terms of tuition, in addition to what they learn during normal school hours, in order to unleash their full potential.

However, most parents are always not in apposition where their children need the help of a tutor or not. Parchhill has carefully four questions that will be very helpful in terms of reaching the right decision to whether your child needs tuition or not.

  1. Why Do You Think That Your Child Needs A Tutor?

Reflect deeply on why you would like to hire a tutor for your child. Are you hoping to have your child excelling in academics, in spite of her or his talents and interests? If this happens to be the case, then you should re-evaluate your expectations. Becoming too demanding and domineering by setting very ambitious goals for child might only end up demoralizing your child. In such a case; no amount of tuition will produce the desired results.

  1. Have you beenworried about Your Child’s Theoretical Comprehension of the School Syllabus?

Might your child be in the habit of cramming up the school course material, without taking time to comprehend the inferences of what is all about? If this is the case, then you should be concerned. Just passing through school by cramming course material doesn’t necessarily mean that learning is taking place. Learning can only be retained in your child till adulthood if they are clear on the core concepts being taught in school.

Grasping the why, how and when is the only thing that can come in handy to your child, at a later stage,when they will be preparing to join higher classes as well as take part in competitive examinations or interviews meant for college admission. It’s for this reason that an experienced tutor might come in handy to enable your child to have an overall comprehension of the main concepts taught in school and ensure that this learning is retained by the child.

  1. How Much Time Are You Able To Dedicate To Helping Out Your Child With Their Studies?

After discovering that your child needs some help with their studies and homework, how much are you able to offer? It is not just about sitting with your child for an hour to ensure that your child completes his or her homework. What is of more importance is whether you have the necessary patience as well as the capability to teach necessary concepts to your child in a manner that they will easily understand. If you can’t, then the only option you have is to enrol the child for tuition classes.

  1. Has Your Child Requested For Extra Help?

Modern children are very much aware of what they want from a very young age. Sometimes, it might the child who sees the need for him or her to have some extra help through tuition. This might come as a result of them wanting to take part in a competitive examination or they just want to improve their overall class performance so that they can become top students in their classes. In this case, your child is better off having tuition classes with an experienced tutor, who will help him or her to identify areas that need to be improved.


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