How to create Facebook business page

Facebook’s business page is the best way to keep track of your current and potential customers. You can share updates, sell products, and interact with people who are interested in the brand. Regardless of your size and the products / services sold, Facebook is an open source platform for a wide range of consumer businesses. Businesses use Facebook for business brands (B2B), but they may not be the same businesses that sell directly to consumers. For more information contact facebook customer service.

Here are a few steps on creating your Facebook Business Page.

Step 1 : Create Facebook business page:

You want to enhance your business for your company, organization or institute. You should select your desire, classification and your official name of Facebook company page. You should carefully selecting your business name. Although Facebook allow to change your create new Facebook page name.

This page will show six different classification to choose.

  • Local business or place
  • Company, institution or Organization
  • Product and Brand
  • Entertainment
  • Artist, and, or Public Figure
  • Cause or Community.

Step 2: Complete Basic Information.

Finish “About” Section

In about selection you will serve as the main two are three sentence description for your company. It will show on your home page, so make it very expressive. And you include a link to your company website as well. Also you sure that all this information differentiates.

Upload Profile Picture

Next you’ll be asked to upload your Facebook business profile picture. You will see a picture icon on your page you click on edit option and select your image on your system. And upload on your home page. this picture are appearing on you page.

Add to Favorites

Facebook user has vertical navigation bar to left of news feed. It is similar to bookmarking web pages in your can add your business page in favorite. It is very easy to access.

Reach More People

Facebook will provide you to create an advertisement to draw attention on your Facebook can share your post to related your business in your time line .

Step 3: Understand the Admin Panel

The basic structure of your home Page is live. You’d like to “Like” your Page. This activity will appear in news feed. All activity are connected to your personally for Facebook account. You will see your setting in top of your navigation bar. Click the setting and appear a vertical navigation bar with different feature. You will focus on these things:

Page Info

In page info you can add additional details about your business. In these section you will also present a different field based on the classification and you chose step 1.


In This section allows you to customize your likes to receive page alert. You can set a frequency that fits your social media marketing schedule.

Page Roles

if you will not be main manager of page,there may be other at your organization who need access to your Facebook Page. There are five types of admin role. And different level of admin role.

  • Content Creator.
  • Insights Analyst.

Step 4: Populate Page With Content

Now you are publish content to your page.and invite to users to be a part of your business.


You can publish your post through the your page. And your Facebook ad is appear on your time line. your posting is always variety of content and images should unique and clear. In which user can easily understand about your Facebook business page.

Facebook provides six post feature.

  • Plain text status
  • Photo with caption
  • Link with caption
  • Video with caption
  • Event page
  • Location check-in

Cover photo

Facebook business page cover photo size should be large. This is a branded image to attract user on your page. The official cover photo size is 551*315. and you don’t update and decrease your Facebook business page logo size.

Step 5: Measure Your Growth

You can see your page like and all the activity in weekly. According to activity you can manage your a Facebook business page.

  • Overview: you can see 7days snapshot of your page such as pages like, post likes,reach and visitor.
  • Likes: you can see overall fan growth or losses.
  • Reach: you can see raw number of user reach in your page.
  • Visit: you can see your viewer coming from.

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