How to Check If a Site Is Indexed by Google

How to Check If a Site Is Indexed by Google

There are numerous techniques to check if your website is indexed by Google but recognize that Google does not index a website or blog but indexes each of your pages individually.

For example, you may have a 20 page site but only 7 pages are indexed.

There are numerous places online to check if a page in your website/blog is indexed but if you have a large site this can be very time-consuming.

The finest and easiest method is to go to the source.

Sign up for Google Search Console.

You can sign up free for the Google Search Console but you must be the administrator of your website.

Once you sign up, you want to verify you have authorization for your site.

This is a simple and rapid process and there are many means to verify. If you are incapable to verify by adding a .html page, you can add a code into the header area or even log into your domain host to verify.

After verification has been done, Google bot will “scan” your website and see which pages are indexed.

You will likewise be capable to see where you are in the SERP results and which keywords Google “sees” on each of your pages.

If your site is not displaying that it is indexed, it may be that your site is so new that Google did not know about it and this is the first time they have scanned it.

If your website has been around awhile and you are not doing well in the SERPs, take a look at the information Google showed on your site to see how you can optimize it.

Keyword Information

Are the keywords Google “realises” for your website the ones you needed targeted? If not, take a look at each page and understand if you can re-write the pages as they may not be written properly.

Search Traffic

Look under Search Queries to realise what types of searches individuals are doing and where your website is ranked in the SERP. The Average Position of your site would be 20 and below. That would put you on the first two pages. Many individuals only look at the first two pages when results shown. Also it is to remember that 80 percent of internet searchers are satisfied with first page of SERP.


Take a look at the Sitemap category. It will display you how many pages have been submitted and how many are really indexed. If you don’t have a sitemap, there are many sites to make one for free online.

There is far more data you can view in your Search Console or Webmaster Tools area. Use all this free info to your benefit.

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