Career in Investment Banking – Skillsand Qualifications

Investment banking is quite a lucrative career, however, like any other profession, investment banking also needs some skillsets and qualifications. So what are investment banker qualifications that will get you the coveted job in the market? Are there any investment banking classes you need to take? Let’s see what qualifications and skillset you will need to make your career in investment banking.

What Are Investment Banker Qualifications?

While the prospective employers do consider grads and postgrads for the jobs in investment banking, there is something extra as well they are searching for in candidates applying for the jobs in investment banking. So what are those extra skills apart from your bachelor’s degree and an MBA degree? Here’s what skills you need to possess to outshine other applicants at an interview if you want a career in investment banking.

  1. Sharp analytical dexterity: The most important skill on your resume, sharp analytical dexterity will put you ahead in the eyes of the prospective employer. Since you will be dealing with lots of numbers, slides, analytical situations you need to possess sharp analytical skills to shine brightly among your competitors.
  2. Problem-solving ability: Another important skill you need to possess if you are seeking a career in investment banking. You will encounter numerous situations wherein you will be called upon to solve a critical problem under highly stressed environs and if you are not a quick thinker and great problem solver, you may lose on the coveted job.
  3. Excellent communication skills: Yes, even an investment banker needs excellent communication skills, else how will you present your idea to your superiors or to your clients, teammates? You need to have extraordinary communication skills to make your mark on clients during presentations.
  4. Hawkeyes for details: By hawk eyes, we mean paying attention to details. Even the smallest of the small thing should not go unnoticed from your eyes. The difference in font sizes in two slides, numbers not aligning with the industry trends, so and so forth. You need to have an eye for detail so as to ensure that nothing misses your eyes.
  5. Strong time management skills: Oh yes another important skill for an investment banker. You will be required to work on multiple projects at the same time and you need to possess skills to prioritize each task and manage your time wisely so that you can have work-life balance as well.
  6. Strong and interesting personality: Apart from the above skills, recruiters are seeking candidates who possess both interesting and strong personality as an investment banker. Think about something like airport test – the test wherein the recruiters are thinking if they are stuck with you at some o will they get bored or will you be a pleasing personality to talk to. Since you will be working under lots of stress and putting in long hours you need to have a strong personality to handle all this and deliver your best.

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