Bicycles – Transportation And Exercise

Bicycles - Transportation And Exercise

Bikes are everywhere ever since its invention way back in the 19th century. This is the first reported and recorded bicycle a two-wheeled transport. The first chain driven bikes were also from this century and very little has changed in the concept of a pedal and a chain driving it.

The locomotion stayed the same, with various modern adaptations such as shifters, disc brakes, carbon fiber bodies, and shock absorbers. The most popular bicycle model to date and this has sold about 500 million bikes, is the Chinese “Flying Pigeon”.

A bicycle’s advantage is that it goes under your own power, it doesn’t need any fuel and it is fast enough to be a practical vehicle. It is actually named as the most efficient human-powered means of transportation. In studies of efficiency, almost 99% of the energy exerted by a person is transferred to the wheel in the form of forward motion. A bicycle can travel at an average speed of 16-24 km/h uses only the power required to walk. Now that is efficient!

Another advantage of Bicycles is that as the cyclist pedals away and gets to his destination he also exercises his body. That is why Bicycle are highly encouraged in urban areas, not only to promote good health but to reduce traffic as well. What are the benefits of using cycling as an exercise?

The first thing that would come to mind would be overall better health. As you cycle away, you burn fat and lose weight in the process. You develop leg muscles and make your lungs and heart stronger. Part of the health benefits of cycling 15 minutes a day is the reduced risk of heart attacks and cancer by a huge margin. In addition, you also sleep better having worked out almost your whole body just by riding a bike.

With these also come amazing fringe benefits that stem from bike riding. Aside from the major benefit of losing weight and its associated benefits, you also gain and improve handling and spatial awareness, no matter how old you are. That is right, because of the balancing skill involved in keeping your ride upright, you also exercise your brain. This will have enormous benefits for your reaction time and general physical abilities.

Bicycle riding also has an enormous impact on the way your immune system is boosted, particularly your respiratory system. A study conducted on people of all ages shows that exercise that affected the upper respiratory system has knocked down instances of having colds by as much as 40 percent. This is why many people opt to ride their bikes to work. The benefits really are numerous, not only for your health but would also increase savings as well as you no longer pay for gas or commute.

Another fringe benefit to cycling is that you engage other like-minded people and bike enthusiasts, as biking is a very sociable sport. Joining a club or group is an excellent way for you to find maintenance and cycling advice. That is just the tip, joining groups like this will open up a whole new avenue of social adventures for you.

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