Bandwidth Place-A Smart Internet Speed Testing Tool

I don’t know how many of you have an idea regarding Bandwidth. People from technological backgrounds are surely familiar with this term. Alternatively, there is very rare possibility for non-technical people to know about Bandwidth. So, before moving to Bandwidth Place, I’ll first discuss a bit about Bandwidth itself.

What Is Bandwidth?

In very simple words, Bandwidth is the difference between two frequencies. That is the difference between lowest and highest possible frequencies. If the internet connection you are using has a higher bandwidth, then it can browse much faster compared to an internet connection having lower bandwidth.If your internet connection has a bandwidth of 30Mbps, then it basically implies that you will be able to attain a data transfer rate of 30 million per second.

Messed up already?

Please don’t be. I don’t have any intention to mess you up, all I’m trying is to give you an overview of the term “Bandwidth.” Hopefully, I’ve succeeded a bit, and now we’ll move to the main point of our discussion, which is – Bandwidth Place.

What Is Bandwidth Place?

Bandwidth Place isa simple and easy internet speed detecting tool which uses HTML5 for the purpose of speed measurement. Once you enter the site, you would realize how much easy this tool is to operate. All you have to do is just press the “START” button,and Bandwidth Place will automatically show you the speed of your internet connection. They split the results into three different sections, which are, Download speed (in Mbps), Upload Speed (in Mbps) and Ping (in ms). It is to be mentioned in this context that Ping is acmd.exe command, which measures the ability of your computer to reach another specific computer. This command basically helps you in knowing how fast your PC can communicate with another system within an internet network.The use of HTML5 gives Bandwidth Place an added advantage over other speed testing websites for speed detection. How? I’ll just let you know in the next section.

Why is HTML5 Better Than Flash, When It Comes To Internet Speed Testing?

If you have used more than one internet speed testing site, then you probably have observed that different sites show you different speeds, for the same internet connection. Sometimes these speeds detected by different sites is not even close.Have you ever wondered why these fluctuations happen? That’s because some sites use HTML5 for speed testing and some don’t. HTML5 is the updated version of HTML, and most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera tend to support this upgraded version of HTML. Even your Android phone or i-phone too is more comfortable with HTML5. The same can’t be stated for Flash, as Flash supports only some specific browsers. So, now I guess you understand why HTML5 shows more accuracy in its results.

Now that you have understood the basics of Bandwidth Place, let me tell you that  there is more to itand to know more about Bandwidth Place, its pros and cons, you should definitely visit our webpage

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