All abaut Mamuju


Even though it’s the capital of South Sulawesi Province, the city of Mamuju isn’t an independent city and is always under the government of the Mamuju Regency. Situated strategically between Palu, capital of Central Sulawesi, and Makassar, capital of South Sulawesi, Mamuju has grown into an economic bridge between the two cities. Flanked by a coastal region and a mountain range, the city is highlighted with green and brown hills to its immediate interior, and lines of fishing boats and Mandar’s unique Sandeq sailing crafts along its shoreline. As being a coast city, the obvious choice on the menu is fresh seafood.

You’ll find many restaurants and food stalls across the Manakara Beach all the way to the Mamuju fishing port that sells fried or barbecued fish, crabs, squids, prawns, along with other seafood delicacies.

Get There

If you plan to fly into Mamuju from other portions of the nation, then you should first make your way to Makassar. It is since the only direct flight to Mamuju’s Ahmad Kirang Airport in Tampa Padang,Mamuju Regency is served by Wings Air that flies daily from Makassar to Mamuju. Other airlines might offers flights to Mamuju from other cities, but through connecting flights.

From the airport, Mamuju city center is about 30 km away and may be reached by rented or chartered car or public minibusses. If you want to try the overland course, the trip from Makassar to Mamuju will take about 8-10 hours. Even though it’s a long drive, you’ll be presented with a few of the most spectacular views of shorelines and mountain ranges throughout the regencies of PolewaliMandar and Majene. If you want to take public transport, you may take Makassar Mamuju buses from the Makassar bus terminal, and the trip will take 10-12 hours.

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