Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Inbox Software

Even though email is the traditional way of communication that started as soon as the worldwide web entered the scene, it is still the best way to communicate with your staff and potential customers.

Email is still the most popular way for companies to communicate, mainly because we have various software and social media that will allow us to do the same. However, when you have a low support volume, it means that only a few people are answering customer questions.

That is the main reason why you should manage shared inbox because that way you will increase the customer satisfaction and gain numerous benefits as a result.

Benefits of Shared Inbox Software

  • Widespread Form Of Communication – Essentially, all your customers and potential customershave access to When we analyze different types and forms of digital marketing, we can say that one of the most effective ways to promote and sell some service or product is through newsletters. Therefore, you will be able to find a wide array of customers, because the first thing people do when they connect is checking their new messages and emails. That is a more popular choice than having social media as the only form that will connect yours with clients.Of course, you should not neglect social media, but have in mind that shared email and answering to customer’s questions promptly is the best way to keep them close to you. Click here to learn more on email history and its capabilities throughout the timeline.
  • It Is Convenient – The best thing about it is that you do not have to train your employees and customers to use this particular form of communication. You have to set the shared inbox,and everyone will be able to use it in a matter of seconds. Software that you should apply for these purposes is similar to most popular email services, which means that you will be able to use it with ease and convenience, which is the main reason for its popularity in the first place.
  • Possibility For Collaboration – The main advantage of this particular service is that you will have numerous people working with customers, which means that they will help each other reach the best answers. Also, you as a boss will be able to audit everything, so that you can improve customer’s satisfaction and work to gain user-friendly perspective that will affect both your business, team and overall profit that you will earn. If you want to learn how to increase your team’s productivity, you should check this link:

Downsidesof Shared Inbox Software

Since shared inbox will provide you numerous possibilities, some things are problematic and can cause havoc if you neglect to manage everything accordingly. Shared mailbox means that you can create a system that will functioncorrectly, but if you reduce one single part of it, the results could collapse on you and your company.

According to some experts, the transition from regular to shared inbox can cause some havoc to your team, especially if you have not talked about it and determined what you wish to accomplish. Inability to organize will provide you problems such as the inability to answer promptly, inefficiency, confusion,andfrustration that will eventually affect your overall business and profit.

  • Loss Of Context – Having this particular service can cause problems that will provide you with confusion so that you do not know who the customer is . At the same time, transition means that you will have to start from scratch, which means that you will not be able to use contextual information from internal data sources and prior interactions.
  • Team Members Could Collide If You Do Not Make Proper Organization – When more than one person has access to the same account, it will be more convenient to reply to your customers, but sometimes it can lead to confusion and collision between team members that will lead to delayed replies and many more problems along the way.
  • Miscommunication – You have probably received mail that was not meant for you, and even though you will, neglect this particular idea and throw it to trash that will provide you a perspective that company that sent you email is not professional enough. That will increase if miscommunication happens frequently, which is why you should be able to separate internal notes so that you can enjoy all the way. You should check here to see how to manage communication with potential customers.
  • Too Much Information – Email requires from you to provide your customers with thorough examples of your organization, however, when you start to implement plenty of knowledge and information, you will do the opposite Therefore, considerable information can get lost, and it is difficult to find them afterward.
  • Lack Of Management – In case that one conversation involves multiple people, things can become confusing as a result. Therefore, you have to be an employer that will organize things that way so that everyone would know his role and which emails should answer. For instance, someone who understands IT services better should answer customer’s queries on this particular topic, while other employees with specific knowledge should respond based on their expertise. That way, you will have efficient customer interaction, which will increase their faith in your company.


You will be able to work out these limitations and to fix them with proper leadership and by implementing software and tools that will help you along the way. That way, you will increase the overall system, and use software that will allow you to reduce disadvantages and improve advantages so that you can enjoy all the way.

If you want to make a successful email marketing campaign, you should check this website: for more information.

The best experience is to switch your customer service system, but before you do that, you should educate your team to understand everything, because you cannot afford mistakes in real time. It will require more investment, especially if you avoid our advice, and it could be disruptive for your customers and team.

However, you will be able to maintain benefits and to educate your team, so that they can understand everything clearly, which will ultimately affect your overall company’s system. It is simple as that.


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