6 Ways to Increase the Internet Speed

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Everyone in today’s modern world wants a high-speed of internet everywhere without any buffering or signal breakage. But it becomes really annoying when the speed of internet slows down especially when we are watching videos/ movies or streaming games. On the other hand, it is also the fact that when we try to login mywifiext.net due to some technical reasons an error message is shown. The error while mywifiext.net login is due to poor connectivity and interference of third-party neighboring hotspot and WiFi devices.

In this article, we will show you some appropriate ways to increase the speed of your internet. Hope our shared views would be useful to you.

  • Switch to a Different Modem or Router

The biggest reason behind slow and sluggish speed of internet would be a bad or outdated router/ modem. So, to get rid of such issues, we strictly recommend our valuable users to update your router/ modem with the latest firmware of technology or switch to a new one.

  • Scan for Viruses

Now, what you have to do, make sure that your networking system is free from malware, viruses, and malicious files. If there are viruses on your computer, then it would be a big reason to worry. It slows down your internet speed and also harms your computer.

Note: Virus in your computer networking system is also a big reason that causes mywifiext.net error.

  • Check for System Interference

Sometimes the WiFi, Bluetooth, metal, and electronic devices in your house or neighbors can interfere with your internet speed and thus slows it down. It becomes really frustrating when we find buffering in our videos or signal breakage in official or personal work. To fix this issue, consider placing your router and the modem away from doors, walls, kitchen appliances, reflection of mirrors, baby monitors, security alarms, etc.

The biggest reason behind mywifiext.net working would be such interference creating obstruction mentioned above. To access mywifiext.net local we need you to lighten your computer with the load of browsing history, malicious files, cache, cookies, and malware.

  • Hook up your Devices

Your WiFi gives the best result only when your router and the modem are properly and physically connected with each other. There are also many reasons that you can apply in order to get rid of internet connectivity issues.

  • Place your router and the modem away from heat. Place them at a higher-shelf.
  • Do not hide them.
  • Do not overload your device to generate heat.
  • When you are about to plug in your devices, take care that they are inserted into a damage free socket. Here, you also acquire normal voltage without any fluctuation.

Cannot open mywifiext.net? Consider trying the above-given steps for a successful mywifiext login.

  • Check for External Interference

Did you know the fact that iPhone’s, iPad, sound system in your area or home causes WiFi interferences that slow down the internet speed? To fix this issue, you need to check that your WiFi devices (modem and the router) are placed far away from the reach of such electromagnetic interference.

  • Switch to a Range Extender

This would be the best way ever to increase the speed of existing WiFi network up to 30%. Configure your range extender by following below given steps.

  • Introduce your range extender with the latest and updated firmware of router.
  • Unite them both.
  • Once your see blinking green LED lights on your devices, consider connecting your computer with the range extender.
  • After that, launch a web browser and type mywifiext.com into field of the address bar.
  • Now, you might want to fill the default details of username and password. Fill them and get into the home page of NETGEAR Genie to get step by step guidance for your range extender setup.

If you don’t have the details of mywifiext  password, consider calling our tech support executives immediately on toll-free number 1-888-927-2661. Not only this, you can also get instant help related to mywifiext.net setup, new extender setup, mywifiext password, and issues related to slow and sluggish internet speed.

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